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Havadoros is located in Beaverton, Oregon. All of our pups are part of the family and raised in a home environment.


  • 6 February 2017


No shortage of puppies at Havadoros this spring.  Chula’s ultrasound also showed at least 6 puppies.  Chula produced a beautiful, and very colorful, litter last time.  This is Monty’s first litter.

Chula ultrasound 2        Chula ultrasound 1



MONTY                                                              CHULA



  • 28 January 2017


Latte’s ultrasound this morning showed at least 6 beating little hearts.  Expected date of whelp is 25 February 2017.  This is a first litter for both Rhemy and Latte.  So excited to see what these two sweet little Havanese produce!

Latte ultrasound1      Latte ultrasound2


This week Bailey (aka “Dude”)  left for his new home.  Walter will be leaving for Texas in early February.  These are the last two pups out of the Big Lebowski litter.

  • 19 January 2017

Today Rhemy  is an AKC Champion!  Rhemy took Winner’s Dog, Day 1 of the Rose City Classic held at the Expo Center in Portland, Oregon.  So many thanks go to my mentor, friend and co-owner, Karen Huey, who showed Rhemy to his championship.  Thanks also to Denise Bernt at Dream Land Farms, his breeder.  Congratulations all around!

Championship picture will be posted as soon as it is available!

  • 10 January 2017

The puppies from the Big Lebowski litter have all been placed.  Maude is enjoying her new home in Oregon with her new sister, Maya.  Chloe Marie (aka Bunny) will be leaving on Saturday and the boys will be here until the end of the month.

On the news front Latte was bred to Rhemy.  The ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy will be done at the end of January.  If we have puppies the expected date of whelp is the end of February.

img_2208  IMG_0877



And finally, Chula has gone into heat.  She was bred to Monty.  The ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy will be done in mid February.  If we have puppies the expected date of whelp is mid March.


fullsizerender img_4463       chula-3Chula 2

Monty                                                                    Chula


Lots of new life at Havadoros this spring!  Stay tuned for updates!



  • 23 November 2016

For those who have inquired about Chiquita, she has a new forever home. Thank you for your interest.

Two week pictures of the Big Lebowski litter:

img_4359 img_4361

img_4364 img_4357


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