Havadoros, Your Trusted Havanese Resource

Havadoros is located in Beaverton, Oregon. All of our Havanese are considered to be part of the family from puppies to adulthood. I have always been a big to medium sized dog person, gladly cuddling up with my  two Tamaskans on those cold Oregon 2 –dog nights! However, I must admit that when I met my first Havanese, I was immediately taken in by these adorable little clowns.

Intelligent, cuddly, friendly and easy (-ier than my Bouvier anyway) to care for, their sweet disposition, sturdy construction and impish nature won my heart in an instant! Just like any breed, a Havanese is not for everyone. I encourage you to check out our website as well as those on our links pages, visit dog shows and learn about the breed.

If you discover that your next best friend could be about 10 inches tall, with a silky flowing coat, a face that can melt your heart like a toddler’s smile and a “run like hell” attitude when the mood strikes, then welcome to the wonderful world of Havanese.

In these pages you will learn more about our breeding program, our socialization program for puppies and our application process. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at info@havadoros.com.

In the meantime, enjoy Havadoros…home of simply adorable Havanese!